Cragen Crwban Housing Co op


Croeso i Tai Cydwaithradol Cragan Crwban

Welcome to Cragen Crwban Housing Co-operative

Hi Folks!

So this has been a year in the making and we are finally getting close to actualizing our dreams of setting up the Cragen Crwban community in South Wales. It has been a long old slog from our initial meetings over a year ago but we are soon to be in a position to begin issuing Loan Stock pledges. Watch this space for info and updates……..

Mission Statement:

The aim of Tortoise Shell Housing Co-operative is to create an affordable, communal living situation in as sustainable a manner as possible in order to create a practical working example of a better future. The Tortoise Shell Co-operative is looking to buy a property with 10+ acres of land situated geographically around mid/south Wales. The co-operative aims to set up ecologically sound working projects that will enable the local community, and communities from further afield, to engage and participate in a range of sustainable activities, such as;

· Enhancing bio-diversity through native tree planting, coppicing, hedgerow management and wildflower planting.

· To promoting food self-sufficiency through organic food growing and community food-growing projects.

· To promoting energy self-sufficiency through retro-fitting insulation and micro­-generation of appropriate low-impact technology.

· To promote the use of traditional crafts and skill-share workshops. · To promote eco-tourism, potentially with a low impact campsite.

Alongside this, we wish to encourage working with the local community in as many functional ways as possible. This would include; using local trades-persons when undertaking the retro-fitting of sustainable energies and building restoration works; inviting the local community to participate in annual events held on the land and offering a welcoming safe space for use by local and national community groups.

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The Tortoise Shell Housing Co op